What Is A Progressive Jackpot In The Online Casino?

The progressive jackpot is mainly offered at online slot malaysia machines. Nowadays, more and more innovative providers, including online casinos, are coming up with the idea of ​​linking other games to a progressive jackpot.


The progressive jackpot works on a different payout principle than most other casino games. These include the classic card games blackjack and poker, or other popular games such as roulette or craps. Of course, there is the classic jackpot that everyone knows. But if you have ever played a progressive jackpot, you will see that it is much higher and unfortunately also much more difficult to hit. This is also the main difference between progressive jackpot and normal jackpot: one is higher and more difficult to hit, the other is lower, but pays off more often.


Conventional slot machines usually show the highest amount that can be won on board before the game. If the player hits the best payline on his reels, this jackpot will be paid out.


In the case of a progressive jackpot in the online casino, the winning amount increases whenever a player invests in the game. That means: the more players play a game and don’t hit the jackpot, the bigger it grows. So it’s not just about the one machine you sit at, but all the machines in this game series. So the jackpot can grow incredibly fast, and all players can potentially win it too.


The Jackpot Network


In the past, progressive jackpots within a casino were so networked that they counted every game and the jackpot could result from this. Today, especially because of the way it is used on the Internet, it has become even easier to run progressive jackpots and increase the number of participating slot machines.


The progressive jackpots sometimes reach dizzying heights if they have not been cracked for a long time. Another nice feature for the progressive jackpot: it knows no maximum! It just keeps climbing until someone cracks it. The casino is also not interested in covering this jackpot because it makes it more interesting for the players.


In the meantime, many competing providers have joined forces to offer large networks of progressive jackpots. If you play in the stationary casino in Las Vegas, you will find that some machines are even linked to their online branches!


How do you take part in the progressive casino jackpot?


Anyone who places a high stake in the slot ensures that the jackpot also increases in percentage. This is interesting for those who do not want to invest so much: they also have the chance of the progressive jackpot, which all previous players have already paid.


However, you cannot simply play the progressive jackpot. You can only win the jackpot if you place the maximum bet for the game (and, of course, hit the winning lines) or, in some cases, place a side bet for this jackpot. It hurts a bit in the long run because you have to play very cockily if you don’t want to miss the chance every time. Responsible bankroll management is the order of the day.

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